Eliteway™ - Baby Neck Support Pillow

Eliteway™ - Baby Neck Support Pillow

Eliteway™ - Baby Neck Support Pillow

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Choking. Shaking. Protection.

SLEEP WELL Knowing Your Baby Is Resting Safely...

Why this Baby Neck Pillow Is a Must Have?

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome- The softness of the pillow exerts less pressure on your baby's soft head, ensuring no flatness.

Prevents Infant Torticollis- Will stop your baby's head tilting and rolling around during deep sleep... Relives neck strain.

Eliminates Acid Reflux- Say goodbye to upset, gassy tummies.

No More Head Slumping- Prevents your baby's head from rolling forward during car journeys and napping.

Safer Breathing- Aligns your baby's neck to the ideal airway position ensuring sufficient oxygen flow to the brain. 

 Optimal Neck/Spine Posture- Aligns your baby to the ideal spinal position, that promotes healthy growth.

Doctors Strongly Recommend- Leading pediatricians and doctors found Baby U Pillow™ reduces the risk of choking by 80%!

 No Itchiness or Irritation- Made from pure, organic cotton... Designed for sensitive baby skin.

Breathable and Soft- Its 100% breathable and has reduced heat retention. Keeps a baby cool in the summer.

Perfect For Any Occasion- Can be used in the car seat, pram, aeroplane travel and at home for sleeping.


Scientifically Proven To Reduce The Risk Of Suffocation By 80%...

“When your baby is seated, their heavy head can fall forward causing difficulty breathing…and even suffocation,” -Dr. Harvey Karp(World Leading Pediatrician)

Worry no more... Baby U pillow™ aligns your baby's neck to the ideal airway position ensuring sufficient oxygen flow to the brain.

1 in 2 Babies Suffer From Flat-Head Syndrome...

 Eliteway™- Baby Neck Support Pillow evenly distributes the pressure exerted onto your baby's head, preventing Plagiocephaly and brachycephaly (flat-head).

It is scientifically proven to reduce pressure by 400% and increase neck support by 80%.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Brain Injury - YouTube

Don't let your baby be a victim of brain damage...

Doctors confirm babies have weak neck muscles and very soft brain tissue, that can easily be damaged by aggressive shaking, resulting in fatal brain damage.

Baby U Pillow keeps your baby's head back and secure at a comfortable position, preventing brain damage and promoting spine growth.

Perfect solution to infant Torticollis!


Breathable & Ultra-Soft... Designed For Sensitive Baby Skin

A "True No Brainer" for any parent that wants to keep the precious baby safe.

Suitable for babies aged 0-12 months.

 Made from cotton... For your baby's comfort and safety, it’s made of hypoallergenic filling to ensure comfort to sensitive skin.

We strongly advise you to only use the Baby U Pillow™ while your baby is being supervised throughout the day to prevent any accidents.

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  • Age: 0-18 months
  • Material: Soft Cotton Blend
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 25cm
  • Suitable for machine washing on gentle cycle


Does your baby need this?

A Baby U Pillow will provide amazing neck and head support for your little one. You never have to worry about dangerous sleeping positions ever again with our exclusive pillow.

Is this suitable for my baby?

Suitable for babies aged 0-12 months. This pillow can be used at home or for travelling. We strongly advise you to only use the Baby U Pillow™ while your baby is being supervised.

Is it machine washable?

Yes. Suitable for machine washing on gentle cycle.

Our Brand Promise!

 At Eliteway Homes , we are committed to providing only the best in mother and child products, including a full range of high-quality items for growing babies. By using professional product designers and using top quality materials, our products are ones you can rely to keep your child safe and comfortable. We are a UK-based company and we offer 100% after-sales protection to our customers, leaving you free to shop with confidence!

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